Why we have to study history?

Why we have to study history?
History is for us to learn our dark side, not the bright side of the countries’ or world’s history.
Why we have to learn our dark side?
It could remind us to prevent the wrongs, to correct ourselves, to improve ourselves, to bring the society and the world to have a better future.
If people, most likely the politicians or those who have power, are just want the people to learn the bright side but not the dark side of the history, the bad history such as world war or any other kind of anti-human rights things would be happened again.
The politicians or those who have powers are just thinking themselves. They are just thinking how to protect they currently have and gain more power and benefit on themselves. Please don’t trust them they are really care about people.

Have you ever seen the politicians help on the weaks and poors?

No, they never. All doing on these are the NGOs and citizens who are keeping to push the political parties and the government to do somethings to help the weaks and poors.
In democracy, the politicians are just only thinking about the elections, how to get more votes in the elections.
In dictatorship, those who got the powers are just thinking how to keep their powers.

If the China still keeping the people not to know the dark side of CCP itself, the China is no hope at all.
For Japan, if the group of the right wing is trying to use their powers, trying to inflict the idea of Militarism before 1945 to their next generation, taking about the dark side of the war time is a masochistic history and should not to teach, it is absolutely not good on the future of Japan itself.
If we are not using our tiny power to stop it, the situation would become worse and worse.
There would be finally a great war between China, Japan and Korea that I am really not willing I or my next, or next next generations to see.