2013 Reviews

2013 is going to pass and 2014 is coming.
There are so many things happened in 2013,
a bad luck year but sometimes has some good things happened.
Although 2013 is a bad luck year on me,
I learnt a lot on those bad luck things.
At least, I understood more about myself, life and destiny.
I know that some of my dreams would never come,
but I would do my best to make the others come true.

Things happened in 2013:
1. Still Single……. (Sigh………………….No wonder, I am INTP.)
2. The busiest year I ever had. (Thanks for the shit clients)
3. Go hiking on the Fuji Mountain, sadly couldn’t get on the top because of the weather.
4. Building up my network on the open source communities.
5. Holding a successful event, the Hong Kong Open Source Conference
6. Helping on the olpc Basecamp at Malacca.
7. Joined the open source events in Both Japan and Taiwan.
8. So many digital devices and Harddiskes broken. Lost 1TB data including the important photo since 2009……
9. MacBook broken down but finally fixed by myself. (Luckily)
10. Friends’ weddings and babies born (When will my true love come?)
11. 2013 wishes don’t come true………..

I hope I could have more confidence, courage and wisdom to overcome the problems and upgrade my soul on the coming 2014.
Of course, I wish the my luck is better in the coming 2014.

Happy New Year.
And I wish everyone would have a better year in 2014.

for you……


作詞:大津 あきら
作曲:鈴木 キサブロー
唄:高橋 真梨子

涙をふいて あなたの指で
気付いたの はじめて
あの頃の私 今日までの日々を
見ててくれたのは あなた

あなたの部屋で 酔いつぶれてた

想い出せば 苦笑いね
あなたのそばで 溶けていった

もしも 逢えずにいたら
離さない 失くさない きっと

あなたが欲しい あなたが欲しい
もっと奪って 心を
あなたが欲しい あなたが欲しい
愛が すべてが欲しい

もしも 傷つけあって
忘れない 失くさない きっと

あなたが欲しい あなたが欲しい
もっと奪って 私を
あなたが欲しい あなたが欲しい
愛が すべてが欲しい