My name is Wan Leung Wong. Chris Wong is my nickname I used to use. However, Chris Wong is too common on the Internet. I mostly use wanleung as my nickname this time.

A geek. Hongkongese.
Free software enthusiasts.
Internet Freedom supporter. Fight for the Internet Freedom, Information Freedom and Free of speech.
Like traveling and hiking alone

A software engineer, specialized in cloud technology. Favorite programming languages are Perl, Objective-C, C++.

A music coordinate person.
Life cannot go without music. Like classical music, 70-90’s Canton pops, J-pops, old English pops.
I like music but can’t perform and could only sing.

When I am feeling blue, I would like to post music to share my feeling.

I am also a bookworm, but don’t like novels. For novels, I just like to read in manga. I like to read all different kinds of books, such as philosophy, politics, history, culture, astronomy, meteorology, geography, engineering, physics, architecture and applied science.

Leaning Japanese at the moment.

Here are the links of my profile:
My About.me Page
My Linkedin Profile

This blog would be mainly in Chinese but partly in English.

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