Video Talks

Flutter開發Linux Desktop Application – HKOSCON2021

What is IT? | SITCON x HK 2018

SITCON x HK 2017 – Ecosystem of IT industry

TinyBoy 3D Printer Project
ICE Days – Role of Open Source
Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2013: How Opensource/Open Technology could help on your project/Startup
Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2013: 中文輸入法簡介、發展及困難 Intro, Dev & Difficultly of Chinese Input Methods
Virtualization – KVM
GNOME Asia 2012 – GNOME之中文輸入法簡介、發展及困難
Software Freedom Day Hong Kong 2010 @ BarCampHK: 利用 Vyatta 來 DIY 自製 Gateway
開放系統研用協會 (OAKA) Mobile The Gathering: iOS App Development
教育與自由開源軟件:每童一電腦 (One Laptop Per Child / OLPC) 介紹