[Elite: Dangerous] 香港人公會 RHKR

Elite: Danderous 剛剛出了Chapter 4. 改了以往Explorer 的模式, 並加入了公會系統. 筆者剛開了一個叫RHKR ( Royal Hong Kong Regiment ) 的公會, 歡迎有玩的香港人加入. 個公會主要係做EXPLORER, TRADING, MINING及BOUNTY HUNTING. 目前主要活躍位置為星系 ADITI, 一個在BUBBLE邊緣的帝國星系走難努力生存中. ADITI 星系主要任務為PASSENGER TRANSPORT及DATA SCAN, 附近有不少豐富礦產星系. ADITI星系, 原本是升帝國RANKING的主要星系之一, 以前好多PILOT在此居住, 但在之前的改版後, RANKING升幅減少, 因此現在PILOT數目很少, OPENPLAY相對比較安全. ADITI亦係筆者出發到銀河中心的最後補給站. 因此主要大船大都泊在ADITI.

有傳公會系統日後可以買母艦, 而買母艦條件, 為附合GAME內某些日後設定的GOAL. 若是的話, 希望母艦可以為EXPLORER的PORT, 作遠距離星際探險的SAVE POINT.

本GROUP主要玩家都係在職人士, 所以只會在放工, 假期才會相對活躍.

歡迎各位香港玩家. 謝謝.

[ Elite: Dangerous ] Finally I joined the Imperial Cutter Club

I’ve tried to incresae my Imperial rank to Duke to unlock the largest user ship, Imperial Cutter.
Before the 2.4 update, I used to use the Wu Guinagi route to do the data delievery and planet scan takes to increase my rank.
However, I was quite busy and counldn’t get the Duke rank before the 2.4 update. I was at rank Count.
And the Wu Guinagi route had been changed after 2.4 and no longer have the data delievery mission any more.
So I went to system Aditi to do passanger missions as I had a Beluga Liner.
The Aditi route could increase the rank in a fast way and it is a short and profitable route.
However, when I was at rank Marquis 70% to Duke, the auto docking had some problem and my ship crashed with a imperial vessel. It took me got a 7 day bounty of the Aditi systme.
So, I was no longer to stay in the Aditi system to do the passenger missions.
As other CMDRs said they were in the Cubeo system and doing data delievery missions, the I went to the Cubeo system.
But it is harder than the Aditi route to increase the rank. But I made it today finally.

[ Elite: Dangerous ] Hong Kong Cavaliers finally won the war and got a station

I discovered a player faction called Hong Kong Cavaliers in system KP Tauri a month ago. As the name of Hong Kong, I’ve tried to do the missions from Hong Kong Cavaliers as much as possible to try to make it to control a station.
After a few weeks, it suddenly started war with Ross 33 Gold Comms Partners, a NPC faction was controlling the system. The war had been last for a week and the Hong Kong Cavaliers won the battle. As a result, Hong Kong Cavaliers finally got a station, Spedding Orbital in KP Tauri. The only station the Cavaliers is controlling. What a great moment!

Thanks all the Cavaliers did the great job.

Hong Kong! Hong Kong! Long live Hong Kong.