Hiking in Hong Kong

After raining for a few weeks, Today is a nice day for hiking, a bit dry, cool and cloudy but a bit sun light sometimes day. My favourite route is the Violet Hill route in Hongkong Island at this moment. It is short, just two and a half hours, have very nice views, and have so many steps of the trail which could help me to train up my muscle, lungs and heart. At the end of the route, I could go to Stanley for my rest, walk along the coast with coffee, coke or beer and enjoy the sea views. There are quite a lot foreigners hiking on this route, including British, French, German, American and Japanese, most of them are working in Hongkong and some of them had been in Hongkong for more than 10 years.

I met an very nice old gentleman who is British and had been in Hongkong for 44 years. He also walked alone, just like me. We met at the Peak of Violet Hill and chatted for a while as I was having my lunch. He loves hiking and Hongkong is a very nice place for hiking, just an hour or less than an hour travel, you can visit any kind of hills with nice views. And so he choose Hongkong as his home. He had travel to many countries for hiking in the past 50 years since he was 17. He had been to Africa, South America, the Rockies, the Himalayas… Lots of hills in the world may have his footprints. Nepal is the country he like the most.
He said that the Nepalis are very pool but they are very happy. Nepal is the happiest country in the world. He enjoys the times with Nepal as you could feel their happy and makes you happy. You will ask question on yourself “Is money really the most important thing in your life?” And he also said when you in Nepal, you could see the cloud along the mountains. It is the most beautiful view he had ever seen.

I would like to find sometime to go Nepal. To see the view as he told me before. Although I have so many countries want to go as well…

I enjoyed my trip today and it had refresh up my mind. I had learnt a lot.
Money? What the hell.
Love? What the hell.
I am what I am. Nepal, may be my next target. Of course, I have to plan my India trip 1st on the March 2014…
I wish this kind of thinking could last for more than 1 day or week…

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