[ Elite: Dangerous ] Finally I joined the Imperial Cutter Club

I’ve tried to incresae my Imperial rank to Duke to unlock the largest user ship, Imperial Cutter.
Before the 2.4 update, I used to use the Wu Guinagi route to do the data delievery and planet scan takes to increase my rank.
However, I was quite busy and counldn’t get the Duke rank before the 2.4 update. I was at rank Count.
And the Wu Guinagi route had been changed after 2.4 and no longer have the data delievery mission any more.
So I went to system Aditi to do passanger missions as I had a Beluga Liner.
The Aditi route could increase the rank in a fast way and it is a short and profitable route.
However, when I was at rank Marquis 70% to Duke, the auto docking had some problem and my ship crashed with a imperial vessel. It took me got a 7 day bounty of the Aditi systme.
So, I was no longer to stay in the Aditi system to do the passenger missions.
As other CMDRs said they were in the Cubeo system and doing data delievery missions, the I went to the Cubeo system.
But it is harder than the Aditi route to increase the rank. But I made it today finally.