終於買了部cloudbook, 因其輕巧, 只有2磅重, 而且用linux, 用linux的產品一定要支持一下. 在美國賣us$399, 香港要賣hk$4000. cloudbook 用via 的C7-M1.2G的cpu, 512MB RAM, 30GB Hard DISK, 雖然ram少了點, 慢了點, 勝在輕巧, 而且design值得一贊, mouse pad是分別在機身2旁, 比傳統的放在中間下方更方便. OS是由Ubuntu7.10延伸出來的gOS. 現時我那部CloudBook所用的gOS是用GNOME的最新版本,現在還不能下載到,而舊版gOS是用E。


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  1. Hi Ronald.
    I bought it in Golden Computer Center, Hong Kong 1 year ago. It is good and light weight and it is suit for normal use such as Internet browsing or watching video although it is a bit slow.
    However, this model is a bit old. You could use the same price to find more new models on the same brand or others which are faster than this model this time.

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