2014 Review

2014 is a good start at the beginning but is the waste year of my life at the end.

1. I was invited to join the FOSSASIA 2014 at Cambodia in February and gave talks in there to talking about our open 3D printer project. And then I went to visit Angkor Wat by myself. Angkor Wat is a place I really wanted to go for a long time.

2. Having a whole family trip to Japan in March. It is the 1st time we have the family trip since my Dad retired. And my Mom had never been to Japan before.

3. The Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015 was in great successful at March. It is the 1st time we held our event at the Hong Kong Science Park, and met our target.

4. Our company got some problem with the clients, but we could finally solved the problem.

5. I had a very bad birthday as the client was too annoying and got some troubles on the project… It seems likely I would be having more bad fortunes until the next birthday and I had come true…

6. Our company got trapped at the end of the year. We spent 2 months to do the new projects but finally we couldn’t received any money as the “middle man” hadn’t sign any contract with the client. Fxxk them. It totally messed up our company and we lost 2 employees because of this case……….

7. Hong Kong is now fxxked up. I couldn’t see any hope of the future…

I hope the bad fortunes really really leave me alone.

I wish the 2015 would become a normal and peaceful life for me……