2014 Review

2014 is a good start at the beginning but is the waste year of my life at the end.

1. I was invited to join the FOSSASIA 2014 at Cambodia in February and gave talks in there to talking about our open 3D printer project. And then I went to visit Angkor Wat by myself. Angkor Wat is a place I really wanted to go for a long time.

2. Having a whole family trip to Japan in March. It is the 1st time we have the family trip since my Dad retired. And my Mom had never been to Japan before.

3. The Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015 was in great successful at March. It is the 1st time we held our event at the Hong Kong Science Park, and met our target.

4. Our company got some problem with the clients, but we could finally solved the problem.

5. I had a very bad birthday as the client was too annoying and got some troubles on the project… It seems likely I would be having more bad fortunes until the next birthday and I had come true…

6. Our company got trapped at the end of the year. We spent 2 months to do the new projects but finally we couldn’t received any money as the “middle man” hadn’t sign any contract with the client. Fxxk them. It totally messed up our company and we lost 2 employees because of this case……….

7. Hong Kong is now fxxked up by the China. I couldn’t see any hope of the future…

I hope the bad fortunes really really leave me alone.

I wish the 2015 would become a normal and peaceful life for me……


上回講過, 9月時去黃大仙求簽, 求同其他公司合作後的發展, 是為第四十六籤下下籤:左慈戲曹操
同時間(9月), 我亦求今年公司合作後的財運如何.
蟾官月殿桂飄香 玉篋團圓萬里光
六水三山歸鏡裏 無瑕一片掛穹蒼
各位不要以為上上籤必為好簽, 解簽必需要看典故.
故事係天有十日, 是為天帝十子, 十子頑皮, 同時出來, 令人界民不聊生, 於是派后羿同嫦娥去教訓其子, 由於其十子頑劣, 后羿射九日, 因此被罰不能返回天界, 但由於有功, 西王母於是賜兩粒生不老仙丹, 食一粒長生不老, 食兩粒會升天. 而由於嫦娥貪心希望能返回天界, 結果趁后羿出走打獵, 獨自食了兩粒仙丹, 於是飛了上去月殿唔上唔落.
如果係求財, 而且係合作的話, 會畀人偷仙丹.
當然如果再參透其簽, 偷仙丹者, 下場都不是太好的就是了……
結果, 真係如大仙所言…………………….


第四十六籤 下下 左慈戲曹
黃柑數盒獻曹公 剖看原來肉盡空
怒動奸雄揮鐵斧 奔忙身入萬羊中
病有險 孕有驚 名不遂
財不生 婚未合 宅未寧
蚕與畜 少收成 問行人
無歸程 謀望事 不可行
再算卦,今次事件,為 澤天夬 變 雷水解。



個客改REQUIREMENT加新REQUIREMENT而無加時間, 我們趕到痴Q線, OT O 到仆晒街, 攰到抽筋, 係我們錯.

班友唔Q識寫API, 都算, 份DOC同個API又唔同, 我們跟足DOC做野唔WORK, 原來又係我們錯.

之前又話乜Q SUPPORT都有, 又話幫手這樣那樣, 有TEST ACC同CODE, 到頭來班友乜Q都唔知又唔識搞, 能力不足, 原來又係我們錯.

我們日日做到跳晒老舞, 原來中間人唔知發生事同REQUIREMENT有大更改, 班友都唔跟約做, 我們現在出聲, 又話我們遲出聲, 又係我們錯.

我們自己要理返咁Q多事情, 同之前無Q分別, 咁我點解要合作, 我不明. 我重要唔知能唔能夠收到錢……….加班費都蝕埋……………

真係, 最錯那個應該係我, 我錯晒……….

It’s time to terminate it. Reboot myself.

It’s time to terminate it. Reboot myself.
It is the 12th years since we met.
It is a long long time.
She was one in a million. One in a billion. One in a googolplex!
I still could remember the first day we met.
We met at the O-day of the university we studied.
I was just a very shy boy at that time.

It’s time to terminate it. Reboot myself.
It may be most of the engineers facing the same thing, put her name on the first project.
But it seems that there is a curse on the naming.
If you name the project by using the girlfriend’s name, she will leave, and the relationship will be terminated later.
Of course, keeping a good relationship is a hard job. And I was always busy on my studies and works.
When I had free time, she will be busy on her works…
We sometimes both have free time, usually a short meeting, but I was very enjoyed during the time, the happiest time in my life.
She had done nothing wrong, the worse person is just me, I was too focusing on the commitments of my responsibilities and duties from my family.
However, they are all history now.

It’s time to terminate it. Reboot myself.
She is going to get married on the coming November, the month we had the first date 12 years ago.
I could only do is just wishing her having a happiness life with her new husband.

It’s time to terminate it. Reboot myself.
The memories couldn’t be forget, never and ever.
With a deeply broken heart, I just wish I could heal myself faster, so that I could concentrate back on my works, as I had a company and I had too much responsibilities and duties on my shoulder, I couldn’t stop…
I love looking the stars. I enjoy the time on looking the Milky Way.
I like looking at the sky. I enjoy the time of the birds and planes flying around.
I like hiking. I enjoy the time to see the nature and feel the great of the universe.
I like history. I enjoy on the reading of the human history.
It is hard to find another girl, who enjoy on watching the stars, the planes, the nature and reading history…

It’s time to terminate it. Reboot myself.